Our values


The advent of New Space has not only created myriad opportunities for new actors but also resulted in a drastic increase in space traffic and debris in low-Earth orbit (LEO). 

There are currently 34,000 space debris objects bigger than 10 cm, 900,000 between 1 to 10 cm, and over 130 million smaller than a grain of rice. While bigger objects can cause immediate structural failure to spacecrafts upon collision, even the smallest objects can seriously damage spacecrafts over time.  

Apart from isolated accidents, there also exists a serious risk known as the Kessler syndrome, a hypothetical scenario that could occur if the density of space debris in LEO becomes too high. Beyond this threshold, a collision would result in a cascade of further debris and collisions rendering LEO inaccessible for human use. 

It is therefore urgent for the global space community to come together and offer new technological, regulatory, and political solutions to prevent such a catastrophe. We need to build a sustainable and efficient space environment from which we can benefit today, without compromising its use for future generations. 

SpaceAble is committed to this goal: our values are geared towards solving this crucial challenge of our time. 


Our values

3 pillars



We are committed to preserving the space environment. Our mission, thinking, and solutions focus on keeping space safe and efficient. With increased space traffic, managing the associated risks is crucial to ensure space remains a flourishing place for humanity.


Bold innovation

We provide Critical Space Data and cutting-edge technology to solve the most pressing issues facing the space environment. Only bold thinking can meet today’s unprecedented needs and foster a thriving space economy.


International aspiration

Space, by definition, transcends borders and any effective solution must stem from deep collaboration with actors across the world. We firmly believe that a global perspective is key to solving any space-related problems. Our international spirit runs through every aspect of our company, whether it be our diverse team, our clients, or our solutions.