Satellites Operations Engineer- M/F

Satellites Operations Engineer- M/F

Reporting to the satellite division, you will contribute to the development of a low earth orbit inspection satellite. You will be responsible for the Orbiter satellite’s mission and control center.

Your main missions will be :
– Definition and implementation of the control center,
– Specification of the operations,
– Definition and management of operational procedures,
– Follow-up of the satellite development concerning the operational aspects,
– Definition, development and maintenance of operational tools for satellite monitoring,
– Definition and management of ground segment interfaces,
– AIT: validation of the control and mission center,
– Management and execution of operational tasks,
– Anomaly investigation and analysis,
– Subcontractors follow-up,
– Operator training,
– Risk management,
– Data management.

Position Strengths:
– Organizational freedom,
– Overview of the project,
– Possibility of evolution.

Contract: Permanent position
Position Type: Full-time (39h) or part-time (80%)
Location: Toulouse
Experience: 5 years minimum
Travel: Occasional (Europe)
Starting date: Mars 2022

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