Fullstack Developer

Permanent position

About SpaceAble

The advent of New Space raises several issues of efficiency, security and sustainability (Space Situational Awareness – SSA), rapidly transforming the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) paradigm. At the heart of the space community in Europe and internationally, SpaceAble is a French startup which, through its bold scientific approach, has set itself the mission of ensuring the safety of space operations and contributing to sustainability in LEO through critical space data. To achieve this, we are developing an SSA predictive risk assessment software platform and an autonomous on-demand inspection satellite. SpaceAble is composed of a multidisciplinary team (data, tech, cybersecurity, space engineering, legal, partnerships) with origins, experiences and personalities as diverse and enriching as each other!

Job: Position is open to people with disabilities
Contract: Permanent position
Position Type: Full time
Location: Paris 10th Arrondissement
Experience: At least a first experience
Travel: Occasional
Salary: Commensurate with experience

The technologies

Our stack will evolve alongside our needs, and thus far includes:

  • A SPA React in TypeScript for the frontend
  • A Rails application for the backend
  • A PostgreSOL database
  • A CLI tool in JAVA
  • Terraform Scripts, gitlab-ci, docker and bash



Within the Platform team composed of developers, a Product Manager, and a Product Designer, you will be responsible for the successful development of our ISSAN product. Your main mission will be to make ISSAN an ergonomic and modular platform while answering user needs: guaranteeing that the ISSAN code is robust, evolving, and easy to understand. From the architecture to the coding style, from the database to CSS style, from specificities to deployments, you will intervene on all life stages of the product and the team.

Job requirements

State of minds and necessary skills

  • You are excited by the opportunity to be trained in Fullstack and to be part of a versatile team that dabs with backend, frontend, DB as well as CI and infra.
  •  You have several years of experience: you know at least one of our main frameworks (Ruby on Rails/React) or you are proficient in an equivalent framework.
  • You are motivated to test the code, unitarily or functionally, for each new functionality or bug fix. The value of the product lies in its maintainability and capacity to evolve.

Additional qualities that will make a difference:

  • You are familiar with agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) and the concept of continuous improvement
  • You have an understanding of LEAN UX theory and its main applications for a startup environment
  • You like sleek and accessible interfaces (CSS/Accessibility)
  • You have a deep understanding of web frameworks (performance, security, etc.)
  • You are particularly interested in science and space news
  • You have strong mathematical and physics foundations. Yes, this helps to code for satellite trajectory calculations!`
    This skill is supplementary and not a requirement. We already have the skills to develop these calculations; no panic 🙂

We are waiting for you